Need help with Workplace Pensions Auto-Enrolment?

★ Are you a new employer who needs to set up a pension for your employees?

★ Did you miss the pension auto-enrolment staging date and need help fast?

★ Do you want to outsource your ongoing pension scheme duties so that you can free up some valuable time?

We’re here to help.

As an employer, whether you have just one employee or a thousand, you are responsible for providing a workplace pension and contributing towards it.
You need to monitor earnings levels, the age of your employees and new starters every pay period to ensure you auto-enrol your employees were necessary, as well as deduct the correct contributions, process opt ins and opt outs and upload pension information to your pension provider.

This can be time consuming if it’s not what you do for a living and you don’t have dedicated software to help you.

Auto-enrolment doesn’t have to be challenging

We can get you up and running in no time at all, providing common-sense support and advice without any jargon.

It’s not just setting up your employee pension scheme that we can help with. Leave us to manage every detail during each pay period for complete peace of mind.

We understand the detail so you don’t have to.


Our customers have access to the following support

Planning and Implementation

We will:

  • Support and advice throughout.
  • Explain your duties so that you understand the decisions you need to make.
  • Assess and categorise your employees so that you are able to establish who is eligible.
  • Cost out your chosen contribution model based on existing payroll data
  • Communicate the changes to your employees, letting them know about their new pension scheme
  • Set up the Pension scheme with your chosen Pension provider with delegated access.
  • Configure your payroll to meet the new requirements.

Every Pay

We will:

  • Assess and enrol eligible workers every time the payroll is run
  • Calculate and deduct pension contributions
  • Process opt ins and opt outs and any refunds
  • Provide you with an employee status report and schedule of contributions each pay period
  • Create and upload the Pension File to your Pension Provider
  • Generate compliant employee notices for you to distribute
  • Set up payments / refunds to / from Pension Provider
  • Re-enrol eligible workers after a period of 3 years

Pension Compliance

We will:

  • Complete Pension Regulator’s Declaration
  • Ensure all information is accessible in one place to show the pension provider you are compliant.

Via delegated access to your on-line pension account so you can leave the hard work to us.

Fully integrated as part of the payroll service every pay period.

Choosing Your Pension Provider

We are able to work with the following qualifying multi-employer pension schemes via delegated access so you don’t need to deal with the day-to-day administration at all.

peoples_pension Nest Pensions Now Pensions

Need an IFA?

There are many pension schemes on the market. The decision is not always straight forward and the “obvious” choice may not always be the best one. You may decide to choose your pension provider yourself, or use the services of a Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). If you decide an IFA is for you, you need to act quickly to ensure you can get access to the help you need.

* The IFA would need to liaise with us to ensure the payroll system is set up correctly for Auto-Enrolment.

You choose the scheme and we can help with the rest!