Helping small businesses make sense of payroll & workplace pensions requirements.

Tandem Payroll offers a complete, cost effective and efficient payroll services and auto-enrolment support to small businesses and charities in Peterborough and surrounding areas.


Looking for payroll services in Peterborough? Let us help you

Why Tandem?

Admin like payroll and workplace pension auto-enrolment can take up precious time that you could be spending on other areas of your business. By outsourcing these essential tasks to Tandem Payroll, you can free up time to concentrate on activities that provide more value to you and your organisation.

We can help to protect you from common payroll mistakes to ensure that your staff are paid correctly and on time. We’ll also keep you up to date with current legislation to protect your business from fines.

It’s important to us that you experience a fair and quality service. We want to work in partnership as part of your team because we believe that great service can only be achieved by working together. This gives you the expertise and benefits of an in-house payroll service without the salary, software costs and overheads.

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We keep up with current legislation, so you don’t have to.

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Holiday Pay
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Maternity Pay
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Rates and Thresholds
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Sick Pay
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Payroll for small businesses

We specialise in payroll services for small businesses in the Peterborough area.

Rely on us to correctly process your pay calculations, meet pay dates and HMRC deadlines, and check back with you about anything that might need your attention. You’re kept in the loop but we do the leg work.

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Payroll for charities & preschools

We work with a large number of charities and preschools to provide payroll services and pension auto-enrolment support.

Our book-keeping company, SL Additions Ltd, can also keep your organisation up to date with its financial responsibilities, providing comprehensive reports to help your trustees with key decisions.

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Pension Auto-Enrolment

We can help you with auto-enrolment for workplace pensions.

Tap into our knowledge to implement a pension plan for your business or organisation. We’ll calculate and process payments, provide reports and payment schedules, liaise with your pension provider, complete the Pension Regulator’s Declaration, and much more. We can also signpost you to schemes we work with.

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Looking for payroll services in Peterborough? Let us help you